Zoom 2021 Aussie Family Cheese Bundle

2021 Aussie Family Cheese Bundle


Start your year with 100% Aussie Cheese Bundle of Happiness delivered fresh from our farm to your door.

This bundle is loaded with English County inspired cheese crafted with milk from our own family farms.  Ashgrove is 100% Aussie owned from paddock to plate. Now that's something to celebrate!

Our products are packed in a thermal heat shield pouch with gel ice bricks to keep the products cool in transit.

Included in this bundle:

1 x  Black Waxed Vintage Cheddar Truckle 600g

1 x Traditional Farmhouse Butter 250g

1 x Herb & Garlic Farm House Butter 250g

1 x  BBQ AmazeBalls Cheddar Cheese Snack 40g

1 x Farm Fetta Cheese 140g

1 x Tasmanian Bush Pepper Cheese 140g

1 x Double Gloucester  140g


Please note that if any product(s) are out of stock we will substitute with something similar and equally delicious!